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Lospec Now Has Comments

posted by skeddles in lospec-updates 12 22

We finally have a system that allows users to add comments linked to their Lospec account. You'll see these new comments on most pieces of content on Lospec, including Palettes, Tutorials, Articles, and all future types of content.

We have the ability to add more emoji packs, so if you have one or would like to make one for us, contact us through discord, twitter or email (best size is 12x12 or 24x24, but 16x16/32x32 works too).

This system was a necessary precursor to our next big project, the Lospec Art Gallery, which you can expect in the coming months.

Your comments endorsing different tutorials and palettes will help other users pick the right tools, so please go comment on your favorites!

Try out the new comment system below!


Comments (22)

My discord account got hacked, I had never gotten a Nitro gift before- so I couldn't tell the difference. I"m no using a new account, and am In the process of deleting my old one... Is there anyway I can get back onto the lospec discord?