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The Gallery, Your Feedback, Our Patreon, Ads, and More

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I know it’s been a little quiet lately, but I’m still working hard on the Lospec Gallery, amongst many other Lospec updates, I’ll go into that in a bit. But first, I’ve got some not so great news.

Since Lospec started in 2017, we’ve been a completely free and ad-free website. For a few years the only money Lospec made was from it’s Patreon subscribers (for who I’m eternally grateful), which luckily has always been enough to cover the hosting costs for the site. This is great for supporting the site as it is, but it’s always been my dream and goal to continuously update Lospec with new features.

For the first few years, Lospec was a side project I did in addition to a full time job. A few years later I decided quit my job, take my savings and move somewhere cheaper, and focus on Lospec full time. Since then I’ve added the Pixel Art Uploader,Pixel Art Scaler, PNG Crusher, Jobs Board, and other tools, plus working on user-focused features such as accounts, likes, comments, articles, and content submission/approval.

It was my hope that over time the Patreon would grow to be enough to support me continuing to work on Lospec full time, but that has yet to happen. I attempted to add other revenue streams to Lospec such as the Shop, but that too made hardly any money. In 2020 I started to run low on savings, and decided to run a Kickstarter, which was pretty successful, raising over 200% of my goal. Unfortunately it’s not enough to support me forever, and since the patreon hasn’t grown recently, I had to think about other revenue streams.

And that’s where the bad news comes in: Lospec is no longer ad-free. I am very sorry to everyone, I promise you no one hates advertisements more than me, but it seems in this day and age the vast majority of people prefer ad-supported things over having to pay (which I do understand). So I’ve partnered with a company to place ads on various places on Lospec. Currently you will see an ad at the bottom of each page, and inside the palette list. Demand for them is still ramping up, but if all goes well they may be expanded to more pages.

Of course I want people to have the opportunity to avoid ads, so anyone who is a member of our patreon, even at the lowest tier (just $1), will not be shown ads. If you donated to our kickstarter, you will also not see ads until after the gallery is complete (plus an extension based on your donation tier). So if you love Lospec (or hate ads) perhaps you’ll consider supporting us on Patreon. It would mean a lot, and help a lot. You’ll also get exclusive updates, a cool icon next to your name, and more.

Onto more exciting news: Yes, the Gallery is progressing nicely. The display page for art is mostly done, and the submission form is working, just needs a bit more tweaking. We will soon be releasing the beta for all kickstarters and patrons to test out.

In other Lospec news, we recently added some small features such as the Palette List Dither Test, the Paralaxer (thanks to Jaman), and lots of little tweaks. I also tackled the user account spam, which had gotten out of control, and I’ve now removed almost 5000 spam accounts with help from CountMoriarty and Unsettled.

Our last exciting new update is our brand new Suggestions and Bug Tracker page. It’s hosted by Canny.io which made it very easy to implement, and luckily let me embed it within our website and link our user accounts on it, so posting on it should be very easy. Help us get it going by submitting/voting on suggestions and bugs! I want to hear what you have to say!

I think that’s it for now folks, thanks for reading! I’ll try for a smaller/sooner update next time!

Thanks for reading this article! Let us know what you thought in the comments below.


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