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Lospec Dailies

Welcome to Lospec Dailies! This page gives you daily inspiration/restrictions for your low-spec art. Post your art on twitter with #lospecdailies to participate!

Tag of the Day

An simple idea / prompt for you to create a piece of. Great for daily practice! Draw what you think of when you hear this tag:


Browse: #loud on Twitter (#pixelart, #voxelart, #textmode)

Palette of the Day

A set of colors to use for your daily practice, or any piece you want to start!

General 97 9 2328

Download: Open In App | PNG 1x | PNG 8x | PNG 32x | PAL | ASE | TXT | GPL | HEX

Browse: #general69 on Twitter (#pixelart, #voxelart, #textmode)

Not a fan? Try a random palette

User of the Day

Here's a random Lospec user, go check them out! Perhaps you'll find some inspiration.

Patrick Webb

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