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Welcome to the Lospec Job Board. We collect pixel art job posts from places around the net and organize them here. Only posts from the past 2 weeks are shown.

Latest Jobs

doctor manuadvance#1540 contact

HEY I have good news for you these programmers are looking for artists to make textures for minecraft blocks (for better information, contact him @Naarek he is the owner of the project, thanks)

AryaSahay#9055 contact

Hey, what's up...? I am looking for pixel artists that can animate backgrounds for a 2D platformer game. I need to have things animated, such as water glistening in a cavern, or the Arora Borealis in the night sky. If you are interested, feel free to either DM me with your portfolio or post it in the thread below. Thank you, I appreciate it. (Commission closed). Thank you guys

AvC_Recruitment#8466 contact

[HIRING] [100% REMOTE] [SEVERAL POSITIONS] [FULL-TIME] Hey guys, I am looking for following roles: Experienced mobile developer ( Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C ) Senior Automation QA with Java/ C#/ TypeScript/ Python – Contractor .Net Developer with Azure Ruby on Rails Expert Mid / Senior Android Developer Senior JavaScript Developer with React Mid / Senior iOS Developer Senior JavaScript Developer with Vue.js Senior Full-Stack .NET Developer Senior Java Developer Senior React Native Developer Senior Python Developer Senior Software Developer with Angular / React / Vue / PHP / Ruby / Python / Node.js / React Native Senior DevOps / Cloud Engineer Jobs are 100% remote with very good compensation. **VERY IMPORTANT**: Able to work in GMT+0 - GMT+2 timezones and has +2.5yrs of experience **PLEASE READ ON HOW TO APPLY** If you find yourself compatible for any of those positions feel free to contact me in DM with following information: 1. Your RESUME **in PDF** 2. Your email 3. Position you want to apply for **Applications that do not contain the necessary information will not be taken into consideration.** **DO NOT send messages like "hi", "I am fullstack/frontend/backend blah blah blah with yada yada yada years of exp", etc...** **If you have any question about position / company kindly ask for it**

doubleohwhatever#1051 contact

Hi, I'm looking for an artist to do a handful of graphics. 60x40 pixels with a 24 color palette.

/u/Meowface_the_cat contact

We want to hire one or more pixel artists to create concept art for a game. Initially it'll be some character sprites (player characters and enemies), some limited animations thereof, and some biomes / scenery. If we're successful in securing funding this will become an ongoing project with recurring work over 1 - 2 years. I'm the lead developer and funding the project myself pre-seed. I'm trying to get an idea of what a good pixel artist and animator will cost me, and whether you guys can work on a per-deliverable basis as we can't afford salaries at this time. Once I have a rough idea I can extrapolate costs for the whole game (art is basically the only missing piece from here). The concept for the project is loosely "pirates in space". The game opens with Earth being overrun by locust-like, all-devouring aliens, and Earth's defenses crumbling under their huge numbers. Although they're an unstoppable force, they possess very rudimentary technology and the survivors from Earth are able to warp-jump away to safety with the few resources they can grab before being overrun. On the run from their slow but tireless pursuers, the last humans scatter among the stars and try to survive and find a new home. Will you become a ruthless pirate and raid the planets you discover for precious resources - or even attack your fellow refugee ships to survive? Will you try to warn other civilizations of the terror bearing down on them, and rally them into an alliance to fight back? Will you search the stars for a new home where you can hunker down and hope the swarm passes you by, or become a travelling merchant and try to amass enough wealth and power to ensure your own survival in the lap of luxury? It's set in the future but with a retrofuturist aesthetic (think like BioShock) - we're envisioning that space ships might resemble seafaring ships more than high-tech rockets; that weapons would lean closer to steampunk than cyberpunk. Melee would be as prevalent as ranged, but psychic / magic / warp powers will also exist in this world. Gameplay is 2d, sidescrolling, metroidvania, aiming to be meaty and physics-driven much like Dead Cells. There will be an overworld map of some sort to enable the space exploration game mechanic, but gameplay will center around intense, difficult, combat through planetary bases and bunkers, abandoned space stations filled with horrifying aliens; boarding other ships or repelling hostile boarding parties in fierce skirmishes on the deck of your ship. We want to create an experience where you can land on lush jungle planets or explore bizarre cave systems of glowing crystals and ancient, lost technologies. It's dark, haunting, almost sad - we want to create the feeling that humans are on the verge of extinction, desperately holding on to hope beyond the stars. We're huge Dead Cells fans and hoping to create a similar, but more limited experience (at least at first). Please link examples of ANIMATED 2d sprites you have created and example rates. Thank you

MichP199805#7802 contact

Hi, I'm interested, are you still looking for staff?

Polyducks#3597 contact

Thanks <@238058993900060672> . <@663304481844363274> <@530267139475636225> <@158673871510306817> <@698673630909038643> <@467799125589491723> , check <#553806751808487434> and click the handshake emoji <:shakey:857795381902180372> to get access to the portfolio channel

Marymory#9454 contact

You have to get a role, it´s the role with this emoji <:shakey:857795381902180372>

Digital Coffin#6004 contact

Sorry, I can't see #portfolios

Polyducks#3597 contact

<@698673630909038643> <@467799125589491723> <@158673871510306817> <@530267139475636225> please post your portfolios to <#947388097098813510>, not <#747544112013508618>. Your previous posts have been removed.