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Welcome to the Lospec Job Board. We collect pixel art job posts from places around the net and organize them here. Only posts from the past 2 weeks are shown.

Latest Jobs

maruki#2834 contact

Pixel artist job offered to me, but I can't take it because it's too out of any style I've ever worked on Client has his game project 80% finished and needs a cutscene in this style No budget yet, but willing to match the quote proposed by the artist Contact email: mywallet0089@gmail.com

/u/raulsangonzalo contact

[HIRING] Landscape Pixel Art Artist in the style of Norma2D/Camille Unknown for scenes project. -

/u/Miserable-Goose-6135 contact

**Your name and/or company:** Alejandro Campos Aguilar **Short overall description of your project:** I need pixel art animations for my character of a 2d video game I'm working on. **Your desired pixel art style / quality:** The sprites will have a minimum resolution of 30x30px with a simple style without much detail, but with fluid animation similar to the sprites of the video game chasm. **Scope of project (roughly how much work you need done):** For now I just need the basic player moves like running, jumping, wall jumping, wallslide, etc. **Budget / Deadline:** My budget is $100. **Payment methods:** PayPal preferred **Contact details (if other than reddit):** DM me on Redit if you are interested, thank you.

/u/AIDRIVR contact

**Your name and/or company:** AIDRIVR on YouTube **Short overall description of your project:** I would like a (slightly) animated grayscale pixel image of me sitting at my desk in a racing helmet working on my laptop from a 90 degree angle (side view). Maybe a coffee on the desk as well. The animation can be very basic, like steam coming off the coffee and/or the laptop screen changing and me moving around slightly just to make it look a bit lively. (I can send images of my desk setup to make the setup easier to visualize). This will be used as an ending screen on my videos. **Your desired pixel art style / quality:** I'm actually not sure how to define this, I would probably need to see examples. It doesn't need to be very high resolution. **Scope of project (roughly how much work you need done):** I'm not sure about this one either, this is my first time in the pixel art world. **Budget / Deadline:** I was hoping around $100 for this, but I also have no idea how complex the work is (especially with the added frames for the basic animation). I'll be paying for this out of pocket. **Payment methods:** PayPal preferred **Contact details (if other than reddit):** Please DM on Reddit and we can go from there. Thank you!

nino#4307 contact

I'm looking for background artwork for the start screen of my app, which is currently rather empty

/u/busigirl21 contact

I've been doing cross stitch recently and realized pixel art transfers as a pattern PERFECTLY so I had an imagine in mind I was hoping somebody could make for me! It's not super complicated, my brother and SIL have dogs named Cooper and Stitch so I was hoping somebody could mock up Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch) riding in a Mini Cooper. I would like it to be no more than 120×120 pixels, with a minimum of 60×60 (though it does not have to be square). Payment is through PayPal. Communicating through Reddit is easiest but I do have a discord. No hard deadline, but would like it in the next few weeks if possible so I can get started on it and have plenty of time.