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Noah Rowlands


last seen 15 hours ago

These days I have a whole lot more to do than drawing my cruddy spritework and palettes, but my leg pain has forced me back to this dang website. I try to break free of the restrictions of smaller palettes, and never submit a palette with more than 16 colors. I have attempted to see how far a general-purpose ten-color palette can be pushed with the iterations of "What The Dec?". YOU MESS WITH THE MOOSE YOU GET THE NOOSE


Borealis 4 colors | 111 downloads | 13
LOG DOG 16 colors | 72 downloads | 10
Log Dog II 16 colors | 67 downloads | 11
What the Dec 2.1 10 colors | 28 downloads | 5
Swamper Romper 7 colors | 31 downloads | 4
Mesquita's Monochromatic RED 6 colors | 400 downloads | 34
DELETE THIS PALETTE 10 colors | 41 downloads | 9
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