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AMBR0SIA Palette

Created by LKR0.5420820

In Greek mythology, ambrosia (in Greek, ἀμβροσία) is a substance associated with the gods, generally considered their food or drink. The word derives from the Greek terms ἀμ- (an-, ‘no’) and βροτός (brotόs, ‘mortal’); therefore having the meaning of"immortality".

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Number of colors: 12
Downloads: 265
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  •  AMBR0SIA Palette Example

    Featuring HaSeul from LOOΠΔ and sprites from Super Mario Bros. 3, MegaMan, Kirby, omori ひきこもり, The Legend of Zelda, Micro Mages, EarthBound and Undertale. Can you find the mistake? - by LKR0.5420820

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