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The Lospec Palette List is a database of palettes for pixel art. We include both palettes that originate from old hardware that could only display a few colors, as well as palettes created by pixel artists specifically for making art. All palettes can be downloaded and imported into your pixelling software of choice (learn how). You can also try a our palette of the day or a random palette.

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Suggested tags: hardware, artist, computer, gameboy

52 Results:

The Perfect Palette 2.0 

Created by Alessio Benvenuto

If you are searching a 64 color palette, there's 94% chance this is the one for you. How can I be so sure? I'm not, but at the same time we'll never get the actual statistics, so I can as well be right until further investigations. Anyway seriously, do download this palette, it's the only thing I am proud of since the day I was born.

  • #theperfectpalette20
  • 64 colors


Created by ANoob

A palette inspired by the gameboy and a certain flag (which you can see in the 2nd example, thanks a lot Beta Lyn!), T-Lollipop has 4 colors that give it a dreamlike, and/or night-time feeling. equipped with a very strong hue-shifting, which can even make this palette have two color ramps instead of one, anything can be possible.

  • #tlollipop
  • 4 colors

Mega Drive Blue 

Created by MetaruPX

A palette built and developed from the very title screen of Sonic 3, focused on emulating vibrant colors and an abundant use of black found in Mega Drive/Genesis games that somehow contrast with the SNES's more pastel tones. Note that this palette is in constant development, so expect an update somewhere in the future. (Note: this is not specifically a system palette, only inspired by it)

  • #megadriveblue
  • 34 colors
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