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Lospec Pixel Editor

The Lospec Pixel editor is a free pixel art program that you can use right here in your web browser. Our goal was to create an easy to use, intuitive and unobtrusive pixel art application that you can use anywhere. Whether you're creating assets for a game or just want to make 8 bit art, this tool is an easy way to pixel fast.

Lospec Pixel Editor Screenshot

This application does not have all the features of more advanced desktop editor, but we will add more over time. It currently features a pencil, eraser, fill, pan, eyedropper and zoom tool. You can also easily adjust any colors in your palette. You can use any palette in our Palette List by clicking the pencil next to the palette title.

This app currently only works on desktops, and requires a modern browser such as the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome.

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This app has been made in collaboration with contributors on GitHub. We welcome anyone to submit bugfixes and new features.

Our Contributors:
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