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What is this?

This page is any easy way for you to support our website by mining cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual money system which requires calculations to be performed in order to create more of it. Bitcoin is the most widely known cryptocurrency, which typically is run by a program that uses your graphics card to calculate. This page uses a service called Coinhive, which uses your web browser to calculate a currency called Monero. Every time a correct hash is calculated, we get a small fraction of 1 Monero. This isn't a lot of money at all, but if a small group is always running, it can add up and help offset costs for our website.

Some websites have been caught using this service without users permissions, which understandedly made some people angry. We will never run cryptominers without users express permission and awareness. But we thought this would be a good way for users to help support our site. Instead of donating money, you can donate your computers unused processing power.

All you have to do to help us is open this page, start the miner, and leave it! It will continuously mine until you stop it or close the page. As it's using your CPU you may not want it to run while doing other CPU-intensive tasks, but if you're just browsing, streaming or using small programs, you should hardly notice it. If you wish you can leave it running when you're away from your computer too. It takes a lot of time, so the more people running it, and the longer they do it, the better.