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Welcome to Lospec, a home for digitally restrictive art. We create online tools for people creating pixel art and other restrictive digital art.

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Lospec Gallery Closed Beta, And Other Updates

posted by skeddles in lospec-updates 8 3
Today we have officially released the Lospec Gallery into a closed beta test! Members who backed our kickstarter or are current patreon members can now view the gallery and make submissions!

The full release will be coming very soon, once we've worked out the bugs and put on the final touches! Get hyped! Help us spread the word!

We did a huge update over the weekend to the Lospec server, both upgrading the operating system (and all-day torturous affair, only made possible by member Dannflor's technological and emotional support. We also pushed out big updates which switched a lot of processing from the main Lospec server to it's secondary file uploading server, which should speed up the website and cause less issues (though there's bound to be a few bugs to work out first, so let us know if you encounter any!)
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