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Palettes API

We offer a few ways for you to interact with our palette list with your program.

The current main function of the palette API is downloading information about a single palette to your program. You can do this either by having your users type in a palette's slug (the identifer used in our URLs), or with the Open in Software link.

Open in Software

We provide palette list viewers with a new option for downloading palettes, called Open. This uses a custom URI which will pass the palette's slug to your program, which you can then use to download the required information from Lospec.

In order to utilize custom URI schemes, your software must register itself with your operating system as something that can open our URI. Users will then be prompted to choose the software to open them with, or open with their chosen program automatically.

Test it out with this link: Download Greyt-bit

Download palette information

We offer two methods for recieving palette info through our API: json and csv. Both contain the same information, so you should use whichever is easier.

JSON format:

JSON is a simple format best used for instances where you have a JSON parser built in, like Node.js. It has 3 keys: name (the palettes full name), author (the authors name on lospec), and colors, which is an array of strings containing the hex value of the color.

{ "name": "Greyt-bit", "author": "Sam Keddy", "colors": ["574368","8488d3","cfd3c1","f8c868","8ddb34","69cfef","d1b3ff","ff8e65"] }

If the palette you requested was not found, you will be returned a 404 status code, and a json file with {error: "file not found"}

CSV format:

The CSV format is simple a string with each value separated by a comma, best used if you don't have a JSON parser, all you need to do is split by the comma character. The first value is always the palette's full name. The second is the author's name, if they have a Lospec account. The rest of the values will be hex values for the colors.

Greyt-bit,Sam Keddy,574368,8488d3,cfd3c1,f8c868,8ddb34,69cfef,d1b3ff,ff8e65

If the palette you requested was not found, you will be returned a 404 status code, and a the text file not found

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