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St. Paul's and The Shard

January 24th 2023 Pixel Art Hand Pixelled
Diso @diso
100% 270 X 270 pixels colors 2 comments
Diso @diso This is my second attempt, and by coincidence it's the most popular of my works on pixeljoint.com

It may be caused by pixeljoint's algorithms - it may be promoting newbies more actively. However, I'm not sure about that. The combination of classical St. Paul's and futuristic The Shard may be eye-catching indeed.

In this piece I'm experimenting with dithering and gradients, but the most important finding is picture size of 270x270 pixels. 270 is exactly 1/4 of 1080, which is a dimension of Instagram image. Scaling 270 to 1080 with no interpolation leaves minimum artefacts when publishing. However if some day Instagram moves to another dimensions, I'll try to keep with this size - it seems to be a well-balanced resolution for the scenes I choose.

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Tags: #stpaul, #theshard, #london, #skyscraper, #city


Resolution: 270 X 270 pixels (72.9k pixels) Colors: 60

Comments (2)

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