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Gentle Fable

January 24th 2023 Pixel Art Hand Pixelled
Tenten @tentenbit
100% 240 X 160 pixels colors 1 comments
Tenten @tentenbit Pixel Artist based in the Philippines! I like doing character sprites and illustrations :-) A piece for a personal project I'm working on for practice. My dog, Jomi as the protagonist of an rpg!  The animation in this are all ultimately pretty simple, but it was still a struggle to figure everything out. Especially the particles and leaves of the tree lol. I'm happy with what I ended up with though!

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Tags: #character, #animation, #nature, #trees, #scene, #animals


Resolution: 240 X 160 pixels (38.4k pixels) Colors: 42 Animation Frames: 18

Comments (1)

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