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Submit a Palette Example

for Shock'N'Gore

Submissions must abide by our rules.

Image (required)

Your example image must be exactly 464x120 pixels (but pixel art can be scaled), use at least 75% of colors in the palette (unless under 16, then use 100%), and not include any other colors.
  • Choose File

  • Drag and Drop

  • Paste image or URL

    CTRL V
click to activate dropping/pasting


Due to a known bug, pasting images in Firefox may result in inaccurate colors.


If you did not create this image, please describe it's origin (including links) in the description.


Optional, and only for useful information.

Submission Rules

  1. Image must be low-spec

    The image should be a form of restrictive digital art, such as pixel art or textmode. Photoreductions (and other low-effort images) are not allowed.

  2. Image must fill canvas

    Your example should fill the 464x120 canvas, and not have any transparency or too much space filled with a single color. It's better to have things cutoff than empty. Images with solid backgrounds, or large areas of a single color will not be accepted.

  3. Must be a good example of color usage

    Examples must use most if not all of the colors in a palette, and show how the colors work together in different ways. Palette examples exist to give an idea how the palette works, not to act as a banner for the palette. The best example is a crop from a larger piece that fill the canvas.

  4. Image shouldn't contain too much repetition

    Your example shouldn't have too much tiling/repeating patterns to fill space, more different uses of the palette is better.

  5. No Text Aside From Name

    No text is allowed except a stylized version of the palette's name.

  6. Origin For Non-Original Examples Must Be Explained

    If you did not create the submitted example it must be marked as such, and you must include a description explaining its origin and how you got it, including links wherever possible.

  7. No Swatched in Example

    Your example shouldn't include swatches or other visual representations of your palette, as all colors should be used naturally.

If your submission does not meet these requirements it will most likely be rejected and will not be visible on Lospec.

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