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Palette List Submission Guidelines

Palettes and examples are very helpful for use to improve the Palette List. If you have submissions, you can send them to us on twitter or on our subreddit. Please read through our guidelines below.

Submitting Palettes

  1. Should be a general use palette (not just a palette taken from a single piece)
  2. Make sure that it's not already in the database
  3. A short description and suggested tags is helpful
  4. Include any relevant links, such as where you found it

Submitting Examples

You're welcome to share any ideas for examples for any palette.

Examples should:

  1. Be pure pixel art, either from artists, games or other media
  2. Only use the colors in the palette
  3. Utilize most if not all colors in the palette
  4. Be quality piece of art that shows off the potential of the palette
  5. Have a source such as an artist or game

If you'd like to format the image yourself, your image should be:

  1. PNG format
  2. exactly 464x125 pixels
  3. Indexed, as to only use colors from the palette
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