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DawnBringer Palette Analyser

Analyse Palette is a tool created by Richard 'DawnBringer' Fhager as part of his DB's TOOLBOX, a collection of scripts for Grafx2. It gives you insight into how your limited palette covers the color spectrum, and other useful information. It was converted by PureAsbestos to allow it to be run outside of GrafX2 so it can be accessed online without any additional software.

You can view the analysis for any palette hosted on Lospec by clicking the DB Palette Analysis button on it's page. You can also analyse the palette of any pixel art image by uploading it below!

Uploaded images must be at most 2048x2048 pixels and 256 colors.

Due to technical issues the palette analyser is disabled until further notice.

Your palette analysis was successfully generated:

This image is stored temporarily, please download if you wish to save it.

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