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Submit a Palette

Here you can submit palettes to be included in our Palette List. Example submissions must be made through our Discord for the time being.

Submissions must abide by our rules.

Title (required)


A short name for the palette to be used as a hashtag on social media. Will be generated automatically if left blank. (Letters and numbers only)



If you did not create this palette, please describe it's origin (including links) in the description.


Enter tags separated by commas. Letters and numbers only.

Colors (required)

Make sure your color values and order are correct as they cannot be changed later. Drag to reorder.

Number of colors: 0

Submission Rules

  1. Palette Must Be Useful For Pixel Art

    Your palette must be complete and cohesive. The colors must cover a diverse enough range that they are useful for a variety of pieces. It should be clear that effort and thought went into your submission.

  2. Colors Must Be Unique

    Each of your colors must be unique enough from the others to justify including it in a pixel art palette.

  3. Colors Must Be Organized

    Your colors must be put into an order that shows their relation to each other.

  4. Origin For Non-Original Palettes Must Be Explained

    If you did not create the submitted palette it must be marked as such, and you must include a description explaining its origin and how you got it, including links wherever possible.

  5. Palettes Titles Must Be Good

    Palette titles must have effort. For non-original palettes, please use an accurate descriptive name, rather than a creative one.

If your submission does not meet these requirements it will most likely be rejected and will not be visible on Lospec.