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New Pixel Art Jobs Board

posted by skeddles in lospec-updates 40 1

We've just added a new feature, the Pixel Art Jobs board. This page currently aggregates job posts from 3 places: The #Jobs channel on the Lospec discord, the new job posting thread on reddit's /r/PixelArt, and posts from reddit's /r/gameDevClassifieds subreddit (with non pixel art posts filtered out).

If you're looking for pixel art work, this is a good place to start without having to run around to different places. Eventually this will be expanded to allow people to post jobs directly to Lospec, and include a place for portfolios and comissions, but hopefully people find this useful until then.

If there's any other places you frequent that might be good to include on this page, let us know!

Where else should we look at for pixel art job postings?


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