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The Lospec Pixel Editor Is Now Open Source, As Is Our Lozpekamon Discord Game

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The Lospec Pixel Editor is a free pixel art creation software that was released on Lospec since it's first release. It's improved a lot over the years (mainly thanks to community member Unsettled who made loads of improvements). A few others have contributed too, but we heard many times that people did not wish to contribute to the lack of an open source licence.

We've decided to release the software under GPL-3 to still maintain some control over how it's used, but still give contributors the right to use the software, including any future changes. We hope this will attract new contributors who can help us iron out some of the less intuitive parts of it, add some features that it's lacking compared to other editors, and port it to other systems such as mobile.

If you are interested, please check out the Lospec pixel editor repository on github, and join our development channel in the Lospec discord!

Lozpekamon Discord Game

I also open sourced a game I created for the Lospec Discord called Lozpekamon, where you catch monsters by reacting to them when they appear in discord chats. The old version is completely usable, but we are also working on rewriting it to not depend on the old Lospec Discord Bot code, so it's cleaner and easier to add to. Then we hope to add new features such as monster training, battling and more! Shout out to our member/patron Dannflor who is helping with the rewrite! Check out the Lozpekamon monster catching discord game repo on github.

In other Discord news, we're expirimenting with the new discord forums feature, which we may choose to expand, and impliment on this site, replacing our current forums, which are harder to manage and monitor. Help us get it started by joining our discord and posting in a few threads!

We're also running an emoji election right now, so if you'd like to contribute to the legendary Lospec emojis set, check out the #emoji-elections channel and submit your entry in the next couple days!

That's it for today, stay square!

Thanks for reading this article! Let us know what you thought in the comments below.


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