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Blessing Palette

Created by まるき

noun. God's favor and protection. This palette is composed by only highlights and no shadow colors, because in heaven there is no place for darkness. After overcoming the trial of using it, you'll be rewarded (hopefully) with the feeling that you became a more enlightened being. Palette created by Maruki.

#blessing on Twitter

Number of colors: 5
Downloads: 12248
Tags: artist, maruki
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  • blessing palette example palette usage examples by maruki

    Palette usage examples by Maruki.

  • Blessing Palette Example by Ran

    Example by Ran

  • Blessing Palette Example by Pixelbat

    Example by Pixelbat

  • Blessing Palette Example by Eli Haun

    I thought this pallet would work well for a portrait colors, so I just went with that.  And since todays Pixel daily was "Wind blown", I decided to add the dandelion puff - by Eli Haun

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