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Color Graphics Adapter Palette

CGA was a graphics card released in 1981 for the IBM PC. The standard mode uses one of two 4-color palettes (each with a low-intensity and high-intensity mode), but a hack allows use of all 16. #cga

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Number of colors: 16
Downloads: 3191
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  • color graphics adapter palette example screenshot of paku paku

    Screenshot of Paku Paku, a fan-made pac-man clone.

  • Color Graphics Adapter Palette Example by Clockmaster77

    Made with Aseprite - by Clockmaster77

Comments (2)

Kilian Hekhuis
Except for colour 6, which is brown instead of dark yellow, the CGA (and EGA) colours are RGBI, and the colour numbers traditionally assigned to them follow the bit value of the colours (as IRGB). So the usual order of these colours is black/blue/green/cyan/red/magenta/brown/grey, followed by the "intense" colours dark grey/light blue/light green/ligth cyan/light red/light magenta/yellow/white, and not the seemingly random order that's shown here.
Maybe add an "EGA" tag as is also the EGA default palette and probably better than having duplicate palettes with different names. Searching "EGA" currently finds nothing.

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