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CVD6 Palette

Created by Ádám Szieberth

Color vision deficiency (color blindness) friendly palette with 6 colors. Result of computation. More info in the comments.

#cvd6 on Twitter

Number of colors: 6
Downloads: 83
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Comments (3)

Ádám Szieberth
For some reason the description of the palette was cleared so here I rewrite how it was made. My goal was to make a palette with the highest Delta E (CIEDE2000) for all types of color vision including total color blindness who really see the world in grayscale. My first step was to determine the gray levels using Delta E as difference by vision is not linear. I got #00, #38, #64, #8a, #bc, #ff (DeltaE=14.9842) being the most mutually different grays. Then I retrieved the Hald Cluts for all types of color visions from the Coblis site using a full size identity Hald Clut. I collected all RGB values for the above gray levels by using the Achromatopsia Hald Clut. This method yielded 100k-ish colors per gray level. Evaluating all combinantions (100000 on the power of 4) is beyond the computation possibilities thus I took the most dominant 32 colors of the 4 middle gray levels. This was done with the Median Cut algorithm. Unfortunately this results colors which were not in the set of colors and for some gray levels I got 31 colors instead of 32. I wanted to stick to the RGB set I collected so I replaced all quantized colors with its closest match from the set using Delta E again. Then I evaluated all color combinations (1x31x32x31x32x1) to determine its combined Delta E. In combined Delta E I mean the lowest Delta E of any of its color pairs for any type of color vision. For example a certain pair of colors might be very different for most types of color visions except for tritanopia; this case I made the tritanopia Delta E to describe this particular color pair of the palette. Evaluating all 15 possible color pairs this way, the worst value was recorded for the palette candidate. Once all 984064 palette candidates were evaluated this way, I found that 35 of them has the highest Delta E value (26.3451). This palette has the lowest standard deviation of saturation of them. I tested the palette with multiple color vision defficiency simulators and I am very satisfied with it.
Ádám Szieberth
Thanks. I made this for my game which will only need a couple of colors but I wanted to make all objects easily distinguishable for all kind of people. Being a deuteranop myself, I like to pay attention to this.

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