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CVD8 Palette

Created by Ádám Szieberth

Color vision deficiency (color blindness) friendly palette with 8 colors. Result of computation. More info in the comments.

#cvd8 on Twitter

Number of colors: 8
Downloads: 85
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Comments (5)

Ádám Szieberth
Author comments seem to be hidden until approval: Naturally the more colors added, the distinct sets (for all types of visions) do narrow. I can't help with that. There are colorblind friendly palettes around like Tol, Wong which are acceptable to some degree. This one however has a way higher scientific value of heterogenity (Delta E) than those or any other I found. However, I made no artistic considerations besides the recommendation to ensure a nice grayscale base for the colors. Still I think that art can not get restriscted this way. You can do something extraordinary artistic with two colors only. Here you got 8 colors which you can be sure that 100% of the human population see more or less distinct according to our current level of knowledge about color vision. It turned out that this is basically the result of three-three distinct brightness levels and two-two distinct hue levels. I would cheer to anyone who is able to make a more colorful 8 colors palette for all types of known color vision defficiencies. My computer worked for a week to compute this which is not too much but something. I am looking forward to see an artistic product made with this palette. :)

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