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laugh. 8 Palette

Created by CasualJoe

A modified SPAFF-8 in an attempt to be even more unsightly, meant to rival it as a challenge. Sensitive eyes, be warned!

#8laugh on Twitter

Number of colors: 9
Downloads: 40
Tags: laugh, spaff
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  • laugh. 8 Palette Example by CasualJoe

    Example by CasualJoe

  • laugh. 8 Palette Example by LostInIndigo

    This palette made my eyeballs bleed, so I thought it would be fun to try to make an image with it.  What's as awkward as this palette? Bad classical paintings of cats - I figured the only logical thing to do was combine them. I 1000% recommend playing with this palette - it's fun if you can ignore the fact that you smell burnt toast constantly while working with it. - by LostInIndigo

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