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Neon minus the neon Palette

Submitted by RingFire Miko

The recommended palette used by the sitelen linja leko writing system designed by a certain conlanger. The title comes from the way the creator described the colours when I prompted them: "i was actually going for neon" "minus the neon, because it hurts my eyes". The source of the colours is found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G8Z4Baj7TmAMC26hR4DLTd9mdXLtpHgBzXGbfznKu-Y/edit?usp=sharing

#nmtn on Twitter

Number of colors: 4
Downloads: 45
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Comments (2)

Good language. It seems to function, though I don't quite understand how one doesn't got tangled up.

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