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PICO-8 Secret Palette Palette

This is an expanded version of the PICO-8 palette, which uses a technique which allows you to access 16 new colors. The colors can be mixed with the original palette, but a maximum of 16 can be shown each frame.

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Number of colors: 32
Downloads: 6327
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Comments (6)

Adigun A. Polack

Remember ‛ye good old days of the IBM CGA Screen 1 graphics mode where you have the normal dark versions of gray, cyan, and magenta in which you then had to change the palette at will into a much more bright version of the same colors — please check out 8-bit Guy’s outstanding video on CGA colors and its interchangable palettes right here for more since he explains it a WHOLE lot better than I — and that it was widely used in a ton of games on IBM/MS-DOS PCs from the early 1980s, hmmm?  Well, this Pico-8 Secret Palette captures that very essence of it rather, rather brilliantly... only instead of just 4 colors with a switchable palette between the dark and light versions, you now have 16 COLORS with its respective light and dark versions of all of such, since there are now two palettes that essentially act like CGA, but on steroids.  IN A QUITE SPLENDIDLY DAMN GOOD WAY. 

Congratulations to Lexaloffle, the official creator of Pico-8, for such an incredible updated set of colors and also for the way they are all framed to evoke such glorious memories of CGA in the form of light and dark versions of the 16 colors, of which you can only use either the first 16 colors for the light version, or the 2nd set of 16 colors as a darker version — all per frame indeed.  This palette is just PHENOMENALLY top-tier stuff, for all intents and purposes, and it flatly shows.  Period.

Absolute creativity indeed, and that is all you really need from such a glorious palette like this now.  THUMBS WAY UP from me, especially!!!  d=(^-^)=b !!


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