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SPAFF 8 Palette

Created by GooGroker

The perfect general-purpose palette, carefully optimised to make everything look equally terrible.

#spaff8 on Twitter

Number of colors: 7
Downloads: 353
Tags: dadaism
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Comments (16)

Any sickness you might feel from looking at this palette is simply a result of your mortal nature recoiling in fear at something so godly and beautiful.
This palette was made on Lospec as part of a Discord Collaboration to make the worst palette ever.

Every night, as I'm drifting off to sleep, I'll close my eyes and think about all the good things in the world - and then I see this palette, because it's still burnt into my retinas. None of the colours work with each other. They were carefully hand picked to be the worst colours available. There are seven instead of the advertised eight. The blue cuts through everything. The greens don't ramp. There's no pale, desaturated colours. to contrast the full-flood saturation of every other colour.

I haven't slept in weeks. I hate it.

Mig Moog
SPAFF8 is very close to, in fact even surpasses the usability of PICO-8 in every way. If this isn't your default. What's wrong with you?