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Team Fortress 2 Official Palette

Submitted by Yelta_

The color palette of the famous FPS game Team Fortress 2 from the official press kit

#tf2ocp on Twitter

Number of colors: 17
Downloads: 509
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Comments (4)

Memories brokenThe truth goes unspokenI’ve even forgotten my nameI don’t know the seasonOr what is the reasonI'm standing here holding my bladeA desolate place (place)Without any trace (trace)It’s only the cold wind I feelIt’s me that I spiteAs I stand up and fightThe only thing I know for realThere will be blood-shedThe man in the mirror nods his headThe only one leftWill ride upon the dragon’s backBecause the mountains don’t give back what they takeOh, no, there will be blood-shedIt’s the only thing I’ve ever knownLosing my identityWondering: Have I gone insane?To find the truth in front of meI must climb this mountain rangeLooking downward from this deadly heightAnd never realizing why I fight

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