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T-Lollipop Palette

Created by ANoob

A palette inspired by the gameboy and a certain flag (which you can see in the 2nd example, thanks a lot Beta Lyn!), T-Lollipop has 4 colors that give it a dreamlike, and/or night-time feeling. equipped with a very strong hue-shifting, which can even make this palette have two color ramps instead of one, anything can be possible.

#tlollipop on Twitter

Number of colors: 4
Downloads: 762
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  • T-Lollipop Palette Example by ANoob

    Some concept art, along with the palette at the side. - by ANoob

  • T-Lollipop Palette Example by Beta Lyn

    Example by Beta Lyn

Comments (9)

Yeah I can understand that, both palettes ended up being uploaded and published around very close times (if you scroll in the Lospec palettes list you may even see one palette being published just after the another). This wasn't intentional though, I already discussed with Porci (creator of Bittersweet) about it and we ended up clarifying the situation. I'm sorry for the similarities though, but it was a weird coincidence for sure.
I understand they look similar with a naked eye but artistically speaking, besides the saturation difference t-lollipop goes towards blue hues while bittersweet goes towards purple hues. both can serve different purposes!

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