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Palette List

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The Lospec Palette List is a database of palettes for pixel art. We include both palettes that originate from old hardware that could only display a few colors, as well as palettes created by pixel artists specifically for making art. All palettes can be downloaded and imported into your pixelling software of choice (learn how). You can also try a our palette of the day or a random palette.

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Suggested tags: hardware, artist, computer, gameboy

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Created by ckelsallpxls

[Adaptable Group of Colours]

The basis for the AGC palette was the CGA palette, which I've edited into something more subdued, and with more blending possibilities, at the cost of losing the bright colours which make CGA so distinctive. Enjoy!

  • #agcpalette
  • 16 colors

Tags: 16color, agc, agcpalette

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