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The Lospec Palette List is a database of palettes for pixel art. We include both palettes that originate from old hardware that could only display a few colors, as well as palettes created by pixel artists specifically for making art. All palettes can be downloaded and imported into your pixelling software of choice (learn how). You can also try a our palette of the day or a random palette.

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Suggested tags: hardware, artist, computer, gameboy

3 Results:


Created by Haboo

Florentine24 is a multi-purpose palette designed to be used on very dark even pure black background. The colours are incredibly vibrant and create a sort of "Neon Sign" look that brings a beam of light into an otherwise dark canvas.

  • #florentine24
  • 24 colors


Created by Haboo

Neapolitan45 is a palette designed for illistrating medium to large scale sprites, partiuclarly involving portraiture and still life. Its components are all strong enough to warrent being used alone, (I did a whole month's worth of art using just the pink ramp and it worked great all the same) however together it can easily be used to make anything your heart desires.  This palette has been my primary tool for making pixel art since 2019 and since then has grown quite a lot. (When I started it was only a pitiful Neapolitan27!) I've had a grand journey using it and I hope you do as well if you give it a fancy :)

  • #neapolitan45
  • 45 colors

Discord Squares 

Submitted by windfallapples (glacier)

The range of colours of emoticon square found in the emoji library of popular text-voice-and-video-chat and digital distrubution platform "Discord." (This palette represents the colours of Discord's basic-square icons, not the entire library of icons available by default.)Discovered with Haboo, who suggested the name "DISCO-9" after I had submitted this palette which is a shame because that is a much better name. :1 Also find it under #DISCO9 on Twitter!

  • #discordsquares
  • 9 colors
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